Un Beau Voyage Paris



I have been so busy of late with no time to spend doing things to inspire, excite or challenge my thinking, so with much excitement I ventured to Paris with Seth this week for four beautiful days of doing exactly what we wanted. We stayed with my auntie and uncle at their beautiful apartment on the Boulevard St Michel. This picture was taken at her birthday last year but sums up the magical feeling of the apartment and sharing special times with loved family. lyndsay dancing


We visited a shop called Deyrolle on the Rue du Bac whilst we were there. As impressive as the Natural History Museum in Paris is this was just as impressive to see. The taxidermy animals are juxtaposed in intriguing situations, mad hatters tea parties, curiosity cabinets, the inevitable last supper with the hare sitting next to the zebra. They are so incredibly beautiful it is amazing to think that this could have all been lost after the fire in 2008 and thank god certain individuals managed to save it from devastation. They also sold beautiful old education prints and repro versions. As much as I fell in love with the beautiful little bird, frozen in time on their perches, forever beautiful, my budget didn’t quite stretch to them and I left with a beautiful cardboard blackboard to apply my own creations upon.