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Spotted- one of my boozy bunnies has hopped into the pages of Country Living Magazine this month!

New Product - Laduz Tray

new laduz tray

New product hot off of the press, birchwood trays entitled “Laduz” featuring objects from Musee Laduz in Burgundy, available to buy from the 9th November.



I was reminded yesterday that “life is not a dress rehearsal, we should have at least one exquisite moment every day” and I thought about the last exquisite moment I had. I was very lucky to be able to go to see Rusulka at Glyndebourne last month and it was absolutely incredible. If you ever get the chance to see an opera at Glyndebourne, you really must jump, nay leap! at the chance.

Well at the final moment, as the Prince dies in Rusulka’s arms the conducter raised his arms for a crescendo. As he did so a small voice whispered behind me, “did he just cast a spell?” …. and the twinkling lights appeared, like fireflies in the nightime wood encircling the pair on the darkened stage.

it was truly inspiring, and the moment was suspended in the air.